Raised between a self-sustaining farm in Montana and the inspiring beauty of the Grand Tetons in Jackson Hole Wyoming, Jenn’s connection with the natural world and Mother Divine was developed at a young age. On her journey of self-discovery from overcoming child and adulthood trauma, addiction and living with severe chronic pain for over twenty years she has turned to alternative medicine and has experienced life changing outcomes. Meditation, Reiki, essential oils and intuitive eating have all been apart of Jenn finding the light within and she hopes to share her experiences, strengths, and results of greater peace within with others in search of good health. Pain has been her greatest teacher and where she has found her place and purpose in the world of healing. Jenn is the Owner of Thicker Than Water Pressed Juice, a Certified Reiki Healer, Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer, Optimal Performance Trainer and an Unplug & davidji Certified Meditation Teacher.

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