Jenn’s aroma reiki meditation truly has been transformational for me. Her voice makes me feel safe while the scents and sounds during the meditation bring me to my most relaxed state. The questions Jenn poses and the answers that come from within have really brought clarity and peace for me. I leave feeling lighter, more relaxed and more positive about what is to come and what I am capable of. No matter what I’m struggling with, I always find the answers I need.

— Andrea, Los Angeles

Jenn’s sessions have had a profound impact on my career, my health, and my relationship to myself. I’ll never forget unlocking my third-eye for the first time in Jenn’s class; I felt like I grew 6 inches - like I was walking on air. Living in a frequency of self-love is the most liberating and expansive feeling in the world and I thank Jenn for continuing to inspire me.
— Michael, Los Angeles

Jenn is a beautiful person and a profound teacher. Her meditations spark healing, compassion & genuine love. Regardless of what you’re going through, she has the ability to make you feel as though you are not alone. I love this girl & cannot swoon over her or her practices enough
— Jewelia, Ottawa

“Jenn is one of the most inspiring people that I am so lucky to have in my life. Ever since I met her 4 years ago, she’s encouraged me to live my best, healthiest life — spiritually, physically and mentally.

Jenn is so full of wisdom and her love and empathy for others is contagious. Whether its suggesting supplements or diet improvements, making a green juice or leading a meditation, she does it with love, practicing all she teaches in her own daily life.

I hope you may be so lucky as to have her light shine and brighten your life as well.”